Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back to school and stash suitcase

Well yesterday was the first day of the Winter Quarter at Drexel. I am taking two classes this time around. Hang on to your hats these classes will set your panties a blaze for sure. The first is INFO503 Introduction to Information Systems Analysis which as it says in the syllabus and I quote "Systems analysis is fun and exciting and... A systems analyst improves things. " Sounds fun! The second is INFO511 Information Resources and Services 2. Just as great as one only more fabulous kinda like the second sock!

I have to say I am more relaxed this time around maybe I am aclimated to the whole mess. Talk to me in three weeks and see if that changes! I am looking for something to post graphic wise to spice up the post. Here's something until I download the christmas pictures! Here is the great suitcase I bought at the thrift shop for my yarn stash. I got it for a buck. It is a vinylized fabric with a big metal lock. The inside is fabric lined and has two removable pockets that is great for needles, hooks and stuff. Sure beats a cardboard box and the Hot Topic drawstring bags I steal from Nate! Also now when I take it out to get yarn I can say I am running away and taking my yarn. Charlie of course yells take the dog and kid with you.

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  1. That is so funny, I also would take the yarn and run... I don't even think my husband would miss me. But he may miss my stuff, it takes up the whole house.


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