Monday, January 15, 2007

Last FOs for 2006

Here are some last minute FO's from 2006 the first is the finished purses for the girls. I made these are mini versions of the cable purse for Jazzy (3) and Amelia (9) They are lined in pink flannel and have a crochet flower pin with both. Beanie loves her purse and has made it her day to day purse. If you know Beanie and her love of purses you will know this is a huge compliment. My sis loves her purse.

The second is the Christmas Donuts! I made these for my pirate pollyanna. I put two donuts in a box with a giftcard to Dunkin. (Beloved snack place of the Hathaways) I also made a powder donut and a purple sprinkle donut for Jazzy. Oh you don't even need to ask it is RH Super Saver.

Since I got so much flak for making poor J.R. model my knitting I made the boys do it this time. Alex and Nate both love the donuts. P.S. I am loving the labels. They really appeal to my cataloging nature.


  1. I love love love the doughnuts... are the sprinkles glued on are embroidered?

  2. So Creative...
    Congratulations and Thanks for sharing us...


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