Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Your pretty in places.

AHHHH! Metrosexual sweater vest I kicked your ass!
(that is what we say in my family when we do something better than half assed!)

N8's sweater vest is done. I finished blocking it on Sunday. I started on Saturday but it was wet and damp in Philadelphia that day. Man does wool smell nasty when it is wet. It looks so very sweet. I am so thrilled by how good it looks. I tried a new way of picking up stitches and they look flawless I must say. Overall the knit was fun and I learned how to do a v neck. Check out some photos.

On the mitten front I finished my first pair of adult sized mittens. They were huge but as we all know blocking is magic. The turned out pretty cool. I gave them to my Lolly who from what I heard from his mom was wearing them around the house on Sunday. Oh Lolly you are such a freak. Photos for the next post I promise.

I have started the Marsan Watchcap for my beloved. He nagged and nagged so now he will be forced to be the owner of my first misshappened hat. Enjoy! Seriously the hat is nice and I am sure it will look fine. *That's what my boys the Fratellis say!

I just got a flickr account but I have some trouble wrapping my head around it so more photos will have to wait. Until then peep the blogger supplied photos.

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