Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Marsan Watch Caps

Since I learned how to knit my beloved has asked me to knit him a cap. I put him off for two years. Recently I went to a mitten class and learned how to use dpns. I decided that I would conquer the hat fear and try to make him his watch cap. I found this great pattern on the internet for the Marsan Cap over at It's a great pattern. I love the swirlled decreases.
I actually made two caps. I made the first exactly like the pattern. The second cap for my brother is smaller. He likes a shorter hat with a thinner brim. He likes to think he is Mel from Alice. Nice knit. I used RHSS in black so the men could stink them up and then wash them. Tonight it snowed in Philadelphia. The hat made a maiden voyage and was deemed Ok. That my friends is a high compliment from a man of very few words.
Doesn't J.R. look stunning?

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