Sunday, April 06, 2008

Steppin out

On Friday the boss and I went to see Joe Jackson perform a free at noon concert at the World Cafe. I love xpn! Fun time he sounded great. We then went down to Triumph Brewery for a classy people lunch. That my friends is a lunch with dessert.
On Saturday I spent the day with the ladies of the family going to Rice's flea market and Peddlers Village. Both classy places for sure. I got some awesome handmade soap and some new yoga pants. So have no fear I will not be splitting my pants at class this week. We saw these guys on the way.

On Sunday we are chilling and watching the Phils. Who are losing. This means the boss will get grouchy.

I am starting the cushion for the chair the boss and I finished refinishing. How nutty. I am planning on a seperate post for the entire project. Right now enjoy the Yoga Bag!

This bag was a challenge. I had so much trouble getting the lace pattern to stick. I had to change needle sizes two times and count the stitches on every purl row. I kept forgetting the YOs.

Now it is done and fits perfectly. I took the photos at work that is where my mat lives. As for yoga I am totally digging it. I pratice every day and it seems to be going well. I like it and now I actually have a legitimate reason to wear yoga pants how sweet is that?

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