Monday, September 15, 2008

Where am I this week?

For people who care about Authority work as much as I do (and I know everyone does) I am at the Library of Congress doing my Naco training this week. Ah the LC gotta love a library that has it's own police force with uniforms and patches and everything else. How awesome is that? I feel guilty slacking off in the very swanky John Adams building so less knitting is getting done than at any other training session but some is getting done. I am working hard on my striped illusion, my sister's purple fluff and a water bottle cozy for my cousin. She refuses to admit that wrapping a paper towel around a bottle and securing it with a rubber band is a very old lady thing to do. Well it is. This is J.R.'s reaction when I tried to speak with him about the entire situation.

Question: Isn't this one the cutest dog ever? Answer: Yes!

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