Sunday, November 30, 2008

Recycling is not trashpicking!

I have been recycling like crazy this week. I took our old computers to the recycling center along with some old wires, video cameras and assorted computer pieces that we no longer needed. I found a great place in Philly called Elemental that does recycling of computers. I also started saving our papers for the fundraiser at N8's old elementary school. They use a service called the Paper Retriever to raise money and recycle. I even have Jazzy looking around for paper. She was so excited when she realized she could recycle her movie ticket from Bolt!
Work continues half heartedly on the Tree of Life Aran for mom. It just takes so long to make progress. I did do a naughty and take on two side projects. I did a scarf for my cousin and a replacement We call them Pirates hat for my baby. Other than that completely monogamous I swear.
I also finished the christmas shopping and spent an enormous amount of time watching the holiday movies on Hallmark Channel. Oh how addicting. Back to work on monday and to bus knitting the Tree of Life.

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