Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let's get ready to rumble

Do you remember the big wrestling craze of the 80's? My younger brother was obsessed with wrestling. He love Hillbilly Jim and Rowdy Roddy Piper. He had these action figures that my older brother called dolls to get him all worked up. He had my dad take him to the car show so he could meet wrestlers. Why is Andrea talking about wrestling? I joined the WIP Wrestlemanina 2009 event on Ravelry. I have four unfinished objects that I want to finish before I start some new sweaters. So what we do is we tag our UFOs with wrestling themed tags and spend the entire month of July working on UFOs exclusively. I am competing with Team Redheart again. We kicked but during the Ravelympics so we reformed to bring our acrylic based smack down to the people!

I have my hep cat, tiger eye scarf, dog bag, and the lucadore mask for Mike to work on this month so I hope to busy.

Speaking of RHSS smackdowns I made two pairs of arm covers for my cousin and her co-workers work chairs. I knit two rectangles using a basketweave pattern and wove a pull string through the edges. She just put them on the chair pulled the string underneath and created a very classy chair cozy. I guess you get to a point as a knitter that people think you can make anything. Oh wait I guess I can. Here is the red set. I also did a black set for her co-worker.

I also finished Liesel scarf but haven't blocked it yet so no photos. I have been knitting but don't have much to share. I also have been sewing. I did 5 totes for Morsbags, and 6 drawstrings. I made them out of recycled scrub tops I got from my sister and cousin. They turned out cool, I kept the pockets on the totes so they have front pockets which is handy.

I made a few coffee cakes, some herb and fruit infused waters and spent some time stalking the blue jays out back. I made orange-basil, lemon-basil, lemon-rosemary, and lemon-mint. We have a mating pair with one baby. He is so cute with his white head! He looks like a freak and I like that!

Liesel Scarf (rav link)
Morsbags my pod is called eco-friendly bensalem

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