Sunday, August 16, 2009

A brief update

I have been knitting hats this month.  I already finished 2 droplet hats from Knitting Nature, a Toque for Nate and a Marsan Watchcap for Andrew.  Things are clipping along on a Chullo for Mr. Luke.  I am decreasing for the top and should be finished by the end of the week.  I am planning on two slouchy berets to round out the end of the month. 

I have also been reading and listening like crazy.  I finished Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man this week and started The Way of All Flesh by Samuel Butler.  I am also still working on The Sound and the Fury which is really good but I got bummed out by the chapters narrated by the brother Quentin.  So I have completed the first five titles in the Modern Library list.  Onward to the rest of the 95.

On a happy family time note we had family movie day today.  The ladies (myself, sister and Jazzy) went to see Ponyo and the boys went to see District 9.  I remember when family movie day meant we went to the same movie but that is what happens when you have teenagers.  The movie was very good and well done but what do you expect from a Hayao Miyazaki's film?  We then went to the buffet and had some sushi and watermelon!  Boy is it crazy hot in the city right now.  Poor J.R. is drooling and panting like crazy.  I gave him a haircut last week with the boss man's clipper and he looks great.

Here are some snaps of Nate wearing his Toque.  He really likes the hat.  I made it from bulky black wool blend that  I had in the stash.  I think it was left over from when I did the cabled purses a few years ago.
I made the two droplet hats from the handspun I won during the Mitten Month thing on Ravelry.  I got two hats one full size and one slightly smaller from the two skeins I had.  One will go to Amelia and the other to her mother for christmas.

Ponyo Trailer
Laire Toque (rav link)
Droplet Hat from Knitting Nature (rav link)

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