Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meet Luna!

We just adopted a wonderful new cat today.  We went to the Bucks County SPCA and fell in love with this face.  So we took her home and promptly named her Luna.  She is all black with a white tip on her tail.  I think she fit right in.  This afternoon she was laying on the couch with the boss watching the Phillies.  Jazzy told me that knitters need cats and I think she is right.


  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    She's beautiful! I love the tiny peep of white. Though I love black cats, when we adopted ours we ended up getting white ones. Every time my kids are my yoga studio they check out all the black kitties at the shelter next door. *sigh* Three cats & 1 dog just might be too many.

  2. I have two cats, a husbdand, one son that lives at home, a spinning wheel, and roving. They all seem to fit...somehow1 Luna is so patient looking and I love that white tipped tail!


  3. Hello Luna! I have 4 cats; 3 black and 1 ragdoll siamese. Yes, you do need kitties if you knit. Who else will play with your ball of yarn while trying to knit, lol. I wouldn't be without my "babies". slw


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