Monday, April 12, 2010

And the winner is...

Close up!
 Oh wow it seems like I fell off the face of the earth. I am so sorry I said I would post the winner of the Stitch Nation booklet on the 9th but I totally flaked out. I have been spending the last few months waffling between anxiety and hysteria about Nate getting ready for college but enough about that I am sure we will all hear much more about that in the coming months. Let’s get to the good stuff. The winner of the booklet is Mercy or midwifemom on Ravelry she was the 8 poster. Enjoy the booklet I think you will.

Nate has been accepted into and has accepted the offer he got from Arcadia University. It seems like such a good fit. It is close to home but far enough away for him. It has a great English and Film Studies program and it is a gorgeous campus. We went to visit for a family day on Saturday and everyone liked it. Jazzy was stoked about the possibility of living in a castle. I am just happy that he is going to have a great college experience. He will be living in the dorms, staying on campus and traveling abroad. I already decided I wanted to knit him a sweater for school!

One done with no thumb.
On the knitting front I have been in a slight funk. I have a backlog of smallish projects to talk about but haven’t had the mojo to get started on a big project. I did start a short sleeved top down raglan for the summer months. I also am planning on doing Citron for my conference knitting. I am off to a library conference on Saturday I get to spend a week in Chicago so that should be pretty cool.

These mittens were knit way back in January using all the wool yarn scraps I had on hand. I made them for Nate well because he asked and I was anxious about the college applications. The pattern is from one of my favorite knitting books Andean Folk Knits by Marcia Lewandowski. They are the Mitones Ivenos pattern. I think they turned out pretty nice and he seems to like them. He needed them with all the snow we had this winter. The gray is Wool Ease and the other colors are a mix of Cascade 220 and the new Stitch Nation yarn I had around. I always take it as a good sign when his friends say they want a pair too. Of course Nate will not let me make them for them since he wants to be the only one with them.

I have been reading like crazy. I finished Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, Native Son by Richard Wright, and Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad. Right now I am working on Henderson the Rain King by Saul Bellows, A Passage to India by E. M. Forster and Kim by Rudyard Kipling. The last two are both about England and India so they complement each other in a weird way. So far I have 47 out of 100 books read. Boy I have been busy.

Luna is doing great she is fitting right in and has stolen the boss’ heart away. They are so cute together snuggling on the floor watching the Phillies. That man is a soft touch but don’t let him hear that! We also have a new cat cousin in the family. My sister has a new cat named Freddy who was adopted from the shelter two weeks ago. Welcome to the family Freddy. He is too sexy for his collar for sure!

All done just in time for the snow.

Wish me luck at the conference last year we went to CA and they had an earthquake! The boss tells me it is not tornado season.

Citron (rav link) from Knitty


  1. Those mittens are really cute!

  2. Oh isn't Invisible Man fantastic? It really gets you thinking!

    Also, I wanted to offer up my knowledge on studying abroad in case, when the time comes, you or Nate have any questions. I studied in Dublin, Ireland about 2 years ago. Best experience of my life. I remember how tough it was to prepare for it though. Feel free to email me at if you like.

  3. Gorgeous mittens!
    E.M. Forster is one of my favorite authors. All his novels are wonderful.


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