Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet Natasha

Luna has a sister !  Meet Natasha.
So the boss thought that Luna needed a sister.  He thought she seemed lonely.  So we went to the Bucks County SPCA last Sunday to see if we could find a male 1yr fixed cat to be a companion for Luna.  As soon as we got in room this little show off started to put on the charm and won the heart of the boss and the decision was made.

Luna had a hard time on Sunday but progress was made on Monday.  I was able to broker a tentative peace agreement using half a bag of kitty crackers and a blanket covered with the scent of the new kitten.  Now I  see signs of them getting closer.  Less hissing and more physical contact.  I saw Luna lick the kitten's face this morning.  Of course when she saw me watching she hissed and ran away.

Natasha or Tasha is full of energy and so curious.  She already destroyed two of our plants and has staked a claim in Luna's favorite sleeping space.  She has the boss wrapped around her cute mitten paws.


  1. Oh my gosh, how adorable!!!!

  2. Aww.. so cute I recently adopted a kitten, my other cat wasn't two impressed though but they have been learning to get along.


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