Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Imzir Hat (4 of 100)

The Imzir hat is done!  This interesting pattern was designed by Shana
Schasteen who blogs as Needyl.  The pattern is a free pattern that can be found on her blog. The Hat looks simple but the construction is what makes it unique. This hat is a top-down beanie knitted in fingering weight yarn with a purl ridge band that is sewn to create what looks like a butterfly to me. This with my first time trying a top-down hat and despite the difficulties I had starting out with a small number of stitches on double points and the difficulty and doing M1s I think the Hat turned out beautifully.
I have to say even though I like the hat I don't like down construction for hats. I can't tell if it is the fact that I hate to do M1s on double points or I just don't like the way they look in the crown.   I prefer to do my hats bottom up. I think that this hat could been made that way but I followed the pattern.  Top down just isn't fun. I really like the yarn I used it was a was a custom dyed Merino fingering weight yarn that I got in a swap a few years ago. If I remember correctly I think it is Knitpicks natural that was dyed a deep Sapphire blue which has slight variations in it.
After blocking that looks a little larger but it doesn't affect the fit of the hat.  I would recommend this pattern to someone wanted to try to top down construction and was confident in their M1s.  Overall the pattern is well written and the results are beautiful.

Project details:
Pattern: Imzir found here and on Ravelry
Needles:  6 double points and 16 inch circulars
Yarn: Knitpicks bare merino and silk dyed blue
What I learned: Top down construction on double points is not for me.
My project: Imzir Hat

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