Saturday, February 15, 2014

Slip stitch watch cap (hat 5 of 100)

Slip sitches are wonderful things.  A few years ago slipped stitch wash clothes were all the rage and it's no wonder.  Slip stitches create ba wonderful dense fabric good for keeping you warm or sturdy for cleaning.  This pattern which comes from 60 Quick Knits from Cascade Yarns is called the Tweed watch cap.  It combines slip stitches with a right twist column used as a mock cable.  The pattern is designed ny Lynn M. Wilson.  It's a fun pattern but it's hard on the hands.  Something about twists really kills me.  The brim is my favorite part of the pattern. Mine flared out slightly like a bell, I like the way it cupped around almost like a cloche.  The hat is thick, somewhat rigid and very warm.

My hat is made of good old Red Heart Supersaver from the stash. I used a varigated for one color to add a splash.   It's called Fall.  I picked up a small ball it leftover from a baby blanket my mom crocheted.   I had a small issue with my twist column lining upbut by the time I noticed I decided not to frog the hat is for me so I didn't mind.

Overall the pattern is well written, easy to follow,  and varied enough to keep a seasoned knitter happy.  I would reknit this pattern.  If you knit this one watch your twist the fist couple of rounds and try it with bold contrasting colors it's a fun hat, the color possibilities are endles.

Project details:
Pattern: Tweed watch cap from the book 60 Quick Knits (ravelry)
Needles: 7s circulars and double points
Yarn: Red Heart Supersaver from the stash in Fall, Coffee,  and Buff
What I liked: interesting pattern , slip stitches are fun, density of the fabric,  the brim pattern, color choices.
Keep in mind the twists need to be watched closely during set up.
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