Sunday, September 03, 2006

El Mariachi Purse

This is my Crochetville purse swap entry. It is my first time doing a purse and with mom’s help I free formed the pattern. I went with a red, black and white color scheme because that is what my partner wanted. I thought and thought of what those colors reminded me of and I came up with an Asian or a mariachi theme. I wanted to make flowers so I went with the mariachi theme. I was thinking about the time we all went out for Bean’s birthday (my sister) to El Mariachi for dinner and we convinced the mariachi to serenade her for her birthday. Any way he was wearing these great pants with silver buttons up the leg and embroidered red and white flowers.
I used Red Heart cheap but sturdy also I wanted to single crochet and line the purse so I wanted yarn with a hefty skein volume. I used two full skeins and leftover and my trusty golden J hook. (How classy!) The entire purse is single crochets I made a strip for the sides and bottom and built the front and back on. I made a strip for the strap and slipped stitch the edges to give them a finished look. I crocheted the flowers from a free pattern on Lion’s website and did the embroidery (don’t look too closely) before slip stitching the lining in. Enjoy!
From start to finish!

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  1. Very Pretty! Nice Job! Droppin by from the Ville


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