Friday, September 22, 2006

Girly Purses

After getting inspired by cables and Mes Project's cable purse I decided to make purses for all the girls for christmas. I wanted to make a small purple purse for the nieces and larger purses for myse lf, my sister, and my sister in law. Last week I finished one of the purple purses and am working on the second. I decided to write the pattern out myself because I need to have everything spelled out for me. I will post the pattern when the purses are finished.
The first purse is a two cable pattern with a center band. The second is three cables and two end bands. This makes the purse slightly bigger for Ameila who is going to be 9 in January. Here is the double cable pattern. Here is the triple cables on the needles only seven more twists to go. The second picture is both of them together and the final one well that is J.R. so excited to try on the purse before the lining.

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  1. J.R.'s little dog face is so cute it kills me. I really like the three cable pattern. The girls are going to love those!


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