Sunday, November 19, 2006

Irish goodness

That's my mom filled with Irish goodness. Mom just came back from a visit to Ireland with her sister and brother. She brought me some Awesome (appropiate use of the word) yarn from Ireland. Ok so they call it wool there. I love the stuff she brought me and was itching (no pun) to get knitting with this stuff. How where to start. Ok first up 400 yards of aran goodness. I was thinking cables and this big ball said cable me up cable me down! It is a cream color wool with a ply of tan polyamide wrapped. Love it. Nate also got a new jeff hat that makes him look more manly (especially with his new longer side burns he wants to grow mutton chops)

Next I got six skeins of a wool, acrylic and polyamide blend with all kinds of fuzzy inlcusions. The green is to die for and will be my new skinny scarf. I found a stitch called Purl Ridges from Lion that is supposed to be stockinette without the curl so I am working that up right now.

All the yarn or wool is from Tivoli Spinners. Thanks mom!

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