Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Terrible News, Terrible News.

I named this post terrible news because I just watched and I love every year The Nightmare Before Christmas. The mayor drives through town and yells Terrible News, Terrible News when Jack is shot down. I like to yell it and C. will say what is so terrible? Nutty hijinks for sure!

Well I do have terrible news this time. In the sugar induced frenzy brought on by the ingesting of a huge slice of purple Princess Jasmine birthday cake I formatted instead of finalizing my disc in the camera and fried all the pictures. Since I am completely lazy and hardly ever download them I lost pictures from Halloween, Jazzy's birthday party, my new stash suitcase, Ashley's completed scarf, Amelia's first crochet project (Love it and her!) and most tragically the crocheted Boston crème donut for my bro's birthday. Terrible News indeed. I will have to find something else to show but damn that donut was crazy. It even had the little blob of yellow Boston crème hanging out the back. He has requested earmuffs and I am not adverse to that idea.

On the school front things are coming to an end for the fall semester. Two projects due by 12-10 but that is it. I may survive. Off today for a personal day. I can’t talk about it it’s personal. Ok, Jazzy and I are having a birthday lunch at Friendly’s. We take the boys out to dinner on their as Alex calls it “the real birthday” but since she is only three she gets a lunch.

Oh yeah one more thing. Go Vote!

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  1. I love this movie! Did you say that you saw three it in 3d?


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