Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feeling better got my zen back!

Check out my best friend. She is a tap dancer! She has mad skills! She will kick ass at the recital. She is doing a dance to the Good ship Lollipop.

Ok feeling much better. I think I got a handle on the workload for my classes. I am even looking forward to registration for the Winter Session. I am thinking about taking collection development and the second required information retrieval class. I decided that I will make a point to do my homework before friday evening and work on my projects on Sundays until lunchtime. I will make sure to do what I like on Sunday's (watch DVD's and go to Save alot) and have a nice dinner with my boys, stress free and the computer off!

On the fiber front, not much knitting going on. I am finishing up the crocheted border on Ashley's trinity scarf. Pattern and pics next week I swear. I am working on my secret birthday present for my big brother Mike so that is hush hush till next week as well. I do want to show off my flower I made from the left over yarn from the ballet sweater. I love Brown Sheep yarn, the color, the sheen, the wet dog smell when you block it. Doesn't it look stunning on my super cool school bag. I don't care what anyone says an online student does need a back pack.

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  1. aww, she's a little tap dancing jelly bean!

    I think the big secret that no one tells you about grad school is that the work isn't hard at all, just really time consuming.


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