Friday, December 22, 2006

Brown eyes I hold you dear

Tomorrow is Nathaniel's 15th birthday. My baby is fifteen. I remember when he was born. The hospital was playing Oh come all ye faithful and it was right when the chorus started singing Oh come let us adore him that he was born. His father looked at him and said Hi Nathaniel. We had agreed to name him Homer and never talked about the name Nathaniel. I asked him why and he said he looked like he wanted to be called Nathaniel. Well it's true he is a Nathaniel.

Fifteen is a mighty long time. I can honestly say I have never done anything in my life for 15 straight years except be Nathaniel's mom. Now when I look at him I want to cry he looks like a grown man. I remember him in his dinosaur turtle neck and red keds asking me questions like How do people know when animals are happy? This is the baby that could only be rocked to sleep to the Star Spangled banner and only wanted to eat sweet potatoes.

Happy Birthday Nathaniel.

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