Thursday, December 07, 2006

Winter Break and the mega scarf

Well classes are over! Hurray I made it through the first quarter of grad school. I still like saying that. People say how is grad school? I say I really like it. I like being all about libraries, thinking about them and talking about them with people who are just as stoked about them as I am. Try talking about biblographic standards at the dinner table and see the reaction you get. Blank stares.

So now I have about a month off from school. I am working on my vest and some other small bus projects. I have some leftover posts that I am hoping to pop up in the upcoming weeks as well as the vest log. It is my most advanced project yet.

I just realized that my mom bought me my learn to knit kit for christmas last year. I have been knitting for almost one year! Awesome.

Here is the red and blue striped mega scarf made from the last of the novelty yarn from Ireland. Super soft, shaggy and fun to knit. Just as simple garter stitch however this is the first time I used two colors at once. This one has no owner at this time but may end up under the tree for beanie. For some reason J.R. though he does look stunning in it didn't like modeling the irish mega scarf.


  1. lovely colors..Love the doggie..

  2. Not bad for someone who's only been knitting for a year. Excellent.


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