Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas and holy crap!

Ok so I am having a good christmas. The boys are off playing with their toys. Charlie is getting some quality time with LOTR online and his new light up keyboard. N8 is rocking out with his new socks and big ole pile of booty including a toy pirate. I got a new camera that says I am ten mega pixels and you don't know how to use me.

So any way for the holy crap part. Mom gave me a knitting a day calendar from Accord Publishing. I was leafing through the patterns getting a sneak peek when lo and behold I flip to August 9-10 and I see my own damn pattern. I submitted a pattern way back in January and did not hear anything. At first I thought that someone made the same thing as me and then I saw my name. I started to cry. I am a huge cornball. I called my mother and she said if I hadn't bought that calendar you wouldn't have seen your first published pattern.

Ok she is right and holy crap my first published pattern. I know I know how nutty.


  1. Hey! I typically lurk but I got the calendar for Christmas too, and there it is! Congratulations! ^^

  2. Congratulations! This is a beautiful wristband, however, there is an error: In row 2, after P4 and before the second MS, there should be a K1.


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