Sunday, December 30, 2007

No christmas knitting

Well I have been slacking off this week. I am off from work and school a very rare event. I am working steadily on my Ram's Horn Cardi from Knitting Nature. Did I tell you that Norah herself answered my question about it on Ravelry? How cool is that? For me very cool. I am finished the back and left side. The right side is about 6 inches long and moving fast. It is definetely a bus project with all that SS it gets a bit much.

I did no christmast knitting. I did however create this wonder. It is a bacon chesseburger for our pirate pollyanna. It came with a gift card to wendy's. It was big hit. I crocheted it using my fave wt yarn Red heart Super Saver and to class it up I sewed on little beads for sesame seeds.

School starts on January 7th. This is my last quarter so I am happy and sad. I realize how much time it takes up and I don't know what I will do when I am done. I am taking Academic Libraries and Research collection development. I am hoping these classes will help me find a new job. Did I tell you I am looking for a new job?

Happy new year. I have made two resolutions this year. One be more ecologically friendly. We have been working on this but I want to kick it up a notch and spread the word around. And two to learn some new knitting techniques. I want to master short rows, enterlac, and try a top down raglan. I want to make some color work mittens, and work on a plan to create a christmas stockpile of little presents we shall see. Oh and I am thinking about writing a book. So things should be fun this year.

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