Sunday, May 04, 2008

Krueger Metal Chair Redone!

I have finally finished the cushion to go with the chair that the boss man painted for me. It was a hot purple mess when we got it from my bro. The boss sanded, primed and painted it from top to bottom and now we have an awesome brown and gold chair. To fit with the recycle theme it also has a re-purposed yarn cushion.

I knit the cushion using the frogged yarn from my first attempt at a sweater. It is Brown Sheep Company bulky in Jade. The pattern is very simple.

1. Create a template of the seat using a brown paper bag.
2. Select the stitch pattern. I used a coin cable from a stitch dictionary.
3. Using your yarn figure out how many stitches per inch you need for the cast on.
4. Cast on and work straight until you need to start curving the sides in. I figured it is like the top of sleeve. I did matching decreases on each side and following the curve of my template.
4. The bottom is the same I did stockinette for the bottom.
5. I bought some squares of foam from Walmart. I stacked two on top and cut the foam to match my template.
6. I created a strip slightly smaller than the thickness and made it long enough to go around the cushion.
7. I then seamed the top to the top of the strip and put the foam in the middle and seamed the bottom. After some wiggling it fit perfectly.
8. I had the intention to do an i cord seam but it didn't work out for me. I may go ahead and added it later since I have some yarn left over.



  1. wonderful projects!
    just out of curiousity... haven't you heard about a Portuguese yarn company called www.rosarios4 ???
    Check them out..Corn, Milk, Bamboo, Natural Fibre scrumptious yarns and eco friendly natural dyeing!

  2. That looks wonderful! I love that cable stitch too. Just awesome.


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