Sunday, August 10, 2008

Things fall apart it's scientific

Well things have been crazy at the classy people house. Some personal things have been going on and I really haven’t felt like blogging. I am even ashamed to admit that I haven’t even been that excited about Ravelry. How terrible is that? I have been knitting. I finished a laundry list of mini project and one awesome sweater.
I finished blocking and sewing my Frontier Blues Sweater! This was such a nice and easy knit. I was also my first sweater knit in the round and I love it. How easy is it when you’re finishing is two small seams under the arms? I did the sleeves on my 16 inch circs so the thing whipped along so fast. I plan on doing a toggle button on the front but need to sew it on.
This yarn is the mill end yarn I bought a few weeks ago at AC Moore. It is actually Paton’s Classic Wool in Harvest. I got a whole pound of it for 5 bucks. How cool is that? It looks like it has a gap in the dye saturation. You can see small areas of white or light colors but it doesn’t bother me at all. I had some leftover. I made some felted mittens and have enough for a hat for a going a way present for someone at work. I still have a full ball left. I’m thinking felted Iphone holder for a friend who totally got a G3 and is working it.

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