Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bus transfers indicate adultness

When people talk about their children they always say I can tell they are growing up so fast. How can they tell? Recently I realized (I may have been the last to notice) that my boy is growing up. No it wasn't the shaving or the first job or even the fact that he is getting his driving permit it was his bus transfer. When he was little and we would take the bus into town he was so afraid of losing his tranfer he wanted me to hold it. Last week he came into town to go to the comic book store and to meet me for lunch. So he come in town on the bus and el alone, comes to work gets called mister by a temp receptionist, decides he wants sushi for lunch and disappears until closing time. When he comes back to commute home together he gets his transfer and puts it in his pocket. I have my hand out and he says oh come on I'm like sixteen. Fine remember that when you win the pulitzer and I tell everyone how you refused to get dressed unless you had your spiderman undies on.

Photo is some christmas knitting I am getting a jump on. All three items from Kristen Knits. For the ladies.

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