Wednesday, August 27, 2008

September Scarves or do I even have enough needles?

Ok so I have a nutty idea.
I am having trouble deciding what to knit next. I knit like crazy to finish my Ravelympics but still didn’t finish my Big Ivy which is depressing. Yesterday I started a very simple eyelet lace scarf using the sari yarn I bought at the XPN music festival which I knocked out today on the bus.
Scarf knitting is super easy to start and you see progress right away. That got me thinking about scarves. I love to knit scarves at least half a scarf. I usually get bored half way through and put it down for a week, month or year. So I got this great idea to start a new scarf every day. I will try to start a new scarf every day and work on it all day then snap it, blog it, label it and put it away till the weekend. Whatever doesn’t get finished in September gets picked back up in October on the day it was started.
Thirty one scarves in two months that should stave off boredom. That should get me a lot of presents for the holidays.
To start off this experiment I will begin with something from Knitting New Scarves! On Septemeber 1 I will start my September Scarf Project by knitting Striped Illusions with my super precious Shi Bui Knits Merino Kid in teal and orange I bought with my graduation gift cart at Rosies last month!

Heres the unoffical rules
Cast on a new scarf every day
Knit it all day long
Blog about it
Put it away
Pick it up again in October
Rinse and Repeat, repeat, repeat

So this weekend I will plot a rough plan, pull out some yarn and figure out if I have enough needles for the project. Off to ravelry to queue up some scarves! Wish me luck.

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