Friday, September 05, 2008

September Scarves Day 4

What am I learning about my knitting after only four days of my self imposed knitting project? That I don't like too many UFOs. Four is a little too many for me. And I really don't like starting something new every single day. I just want to finish something! I think I will take the five project over to mom's on saturday and work one each of them and start a new project on Sunday. Maybe a hat, so modification of the project part two. A scarf a day on the weekdays, catchup day on Saturday and then a hat started on Sunday or maybe jus a new scarf on Sunday.

Also blogging every day is hard and most likely boring. So without further ado I present the Ribbed Keyhole Scarf! Knit in RHSS maroon and the neverending ball of blue yarn from the Origami Cardi. I was going for a collegiate look. I was thinking that the rib pattern reminds me of those old style seventies tube socks. I want to knit Sister an Eagles themed scarf that looks like a green and white tube sock. Retro and sporty. Maybe next week. Hmmmm.
Oh look what I can see from my window! The boss said he had them put that up for my birthday. Also note the strategic placement of Season 2 of Dexter in my WIP picture!

Day Four

Ribbed Keyhole Scarf by Alison Hansel Ravlink

Red Heart Super Saver in Windsor Blue and Claret

Size 7 Good ole needlemaster

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