Thursday, September 04, 2008

September Scarves Day 3

Happy Birthday to me! Today was a good day. I got a crazy birthday card, dark pink roses and Season 2 of Dexter! It was Yoga day and we went out to dinner. But enough about me lets talk about purple fluffy yarn and sister scarves. This yarn is fuzzy enough in the ball but when you knit up and wait and hour it blooms. Also if you have any static cling it leans over to the static.

This scarf is a super fluffy, super soft and your chemical heritage at work. I got this super deluxe yarn at the Dollar store! I acutally like it. My sister is super girly, super feminine with a fondness for purple. The scarf is done in my favorite one line pattern Garter Lace!

Day 3
Purple Fluff
Paton's Glittallic in Purple Lame (can you believe it?) 3 balls
Size 10 metal needles

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