Sunday, October 19, 2008


Boy I have fallen in love with making hats. This week was a bumper crop of hats. I even started a new bulky yarn beret on Saturday and cranked it out by the end of the day. I can't stop wearing it around the house. Pictures to come soon. Until then enjoy the hats I finished last week. Not a new hat but a new photo. I finally got a snap of Amelia in her Bulls Eye hat from Kristen Knits. I also did the fingerless gloves but left off the flowers I think it was a bit much. Also of note: N8 did some photoshop magic and got rid of her red eyes. He is a whiz at photoshop.

Here is Alex modeling my brothers Watermelon hat from this summer. I made this up using a roll brim hat pattern. Those seeds are intarsia and a pain in the butt.

Here is mike wearing his birthday hat. An awesome candy corn! He got it early because he is a big baby. Also much cuter is Luke rocking the hat.

Finally we have Alex's Chullo in Eagles colors. This pattern is from Andean Folk Knits. A nice book but not as popular as the folk mittens book she did. You can always count on Amelia for a goofy ass face.

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