Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Knitting Sweatshop?

This weekend I was talking with my mom about some things I wanted to knit. I wanted to make my big brother a candy corn hat for his birthday at the end of the month. She said oh that sounds good you should make one for Luke (my nephew) Everytime I make something or say I want to make something she immediately suggests I make more of them for other people or she tells people I will knit them something. She want an Aran sweater something very complex of course then she goes and tells my aunt that I will make her one as well. This person needs a hat, this person is having a baby dot dot dot. She drives me crazy especially since she only crochets when the mood strikes her. She says she won't make blankets for people when they ask because they are meant to be gifts. Each blanket is meant to be for a specific person and is special. Great special gifts hand made with love I get it. Why then does she try to work me like a knitting sweatshop.

So this week I finished a pair of mittens, the candy corn hat and weaving in my Big Ivy but I did not cast on a second hat for Luke or for anyone else. I cast on a chulo for my Alex. I am knitting for love. My love may be taller than me, wear size 13 sneakers, listen to classic rock, go to high school on the bus by himself, and burp on command but he is still my baby. Here he is being all outdoorsy.

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