Sunday, January 11, 2009

naknimitmo 2009 and a sassy leftover

I love mittens and I cannot lie. I joined naknimitmo on Ravelry. Everyone has committed to knit at least one pair of something that goes on your hands. Great for a cold January. I decided I wanted to knit Ashley a pair of mittens for her birthday and this seemed like a logical tie in. I decided to do the Give a Hoot Mittens by Jocelyn Tunney. The pattern has a cable that looks like an owl. She had buttons for eyes but I used some green wooden beads I repurposed from the Nudge's bracelet making kit. I love the look of the eyes. The first pair was a little tiny so I uped the needle size to 7 and whipped out the second pair on the bus this week. They are so sweet and cute I just love them.

I also gifted Amelia's hat and scarf so I can share this last remaining FO from 2008. She wanted a hat that looked like an acorn and had a stem. So I decided to make her the Sunflower Tam from Knitting Nature. She wanted turquoise so I busted out some of the old reliable RHSS from the Walmart. This is a good choice for Amelia she is both a sloppy pre-teen and a swimmer who doesn't dry her hair. She loves it so mission accomplished.
Check out if you like to sew, use recycled totes or care about marine mammals. I started a pod called Eco-friendly Bensalem, join me and help marine mammals.
Mittens first than Tam. Enjoy!

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