Sunday, March 15, 2009

Facts are useful in emergencies

Progress is being made on the February Lady Sweater and I am loving it. The lace setup rows gave me a hard time as usual. The first three repeats of any lace pattern drives me nuts but this was worse because I had to rip back over 300 stitches three times. Funny when I need to concentrate I have to work on the bus in the mornings I can't fully focus at home or work too many distractions. But on the rush hour bus listening to a podcast I can focus fully.
Moving plans continue. I have been taking things to the thrift shop, recycling and trashing junk like crazy but I still can't muster any excitement for the damn move. It just makes me angry and I don't want to do it but I will. Enough of this let's talk about knitting. The first two photos are of the lady in progress. The third is the tote I sewed myself that she travels in. Nothing is too good for my lady!

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  1. So many people have talked about that beautiful Feburary Lady Sweater, I need to get on that too! Good luck, looks great so far!


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