Monday, May 04, 2009

Come Sail Away Indeed

First thing first. Here is a snap of my cactus at work. This is second year that it bloomed. This year it had multiple blooms at once. Last year it had only one at a time. How lovely is that?

I just finished a wonderful baby blanket for our neighbor. She is having a boy and did the baby's room in blue tones and a ocean slash fish theme. I found the pattern on Ravelry . It is a great free pattern called Come Sail Away Baby Blanket by Suzanne Veta. I would highly recommend the pattern. It is easy to knit and well written. I used RHSS a great choice for a baby blankie. You can machine wash and dry the blanket and it won't fall apart. I was so embarresed when Jazzy's baby blanket fell apart in the wash. Now I will not knit a baby blanket in pieces or with open work on it. I spent a fortune on the yarn and the thing did not last one washing. No more fancy baby yarn for blankets. I just isn't practical and that is wasteful. J.R. really enjoyed the blankie as well. Of course he gets to test it out before it gets washed!

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