Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day Martha!

Just so you know where you are at!
The waiting room. It was nice they gave us bottled water (Evian classy) and magazines. I got the most recent Living and an older Blueprint.

We got to watch clips of the show and use the bathroom. It wasn't really that fancy inside the building just black and white and very industrial.

A blurry shot of Joey telling jokes and teaching us how to clap for Martha.
The set is awesome. It is so much bigger than it looks on tv. You can see the kitchen, the main area, the craft area and the potting shed. The fancy people sat on the floor. We were in the second to the top row. I was nicer our view wasn't blocked by the cameras.

Boy this is a horrible picture but we had to hurry up and take the photo. We weren't supposed to leave our seats but my mom is a rebel and took the photo.

For some reason this really excited me. I saw Martha's blue mixer. I see it on the show all the time and it was really crazy to see it. I was stoked about the show and kept saying oh and I saw Martha's mixer.

Martha taking questions from the audience. She looked great and was very professional. She had the directors from Disney Earth, Robert Kennedy Jr. and the chick from Green the Ghetto. Here hair was sticking up because she gave her an apron and she took it off during the break. The lipgloss and lint roller girl miss it I guess.

My cousin took this shot for me using the zoom. Overall it was so much fun to see the show and see Martha. I didn't get my book signed but I did get some good earth day goodies. Martha you rock! All in all a super awesome earth day!


  1. How AMAZING that you went to the Martha show! That is so awesome- great pictures too! :)

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