Monday, May 11, 2009

Hyper what?

How could I forget about the hyperbolic crochet event two weeks ago? I actually got to craft on company time? We have a science museum where I work. For the first friday of every month we have a event where the museum is open late. This year they are doing a hands on science theme and two weeks ago it was hyperbolic crochet. I knit a few samples for the event and we spent a few hours teaching people to crochet and talking up crafting. I met some great people both knitters and crocheter and had a great time crafting on company time.

I made two samples both varigated. The first was a purple ruffled hyperbolic and the second which I didn't photograph was a blue tie dyed sample that I gave to Andy. He said he wanted a toupee! I wish I had a photo of him wearing it.
The action shots are from Clare who works at CHF. Thanks Clare! The other photos are mine I took them at work so you can see my workspace. How fun? The first one is in my window. That is my pine cone that I got in California a few years back. I was on a library trip to see a donor and his wife gave me this pinecone from a giant pine tree in her garden. They lived in Redwood City how fitting?

See Andy in the left hand corner? He stayed for the event but didn't crochet.

Here is Audra teaching Ashley who works with me in the library to crochet. I am just running my mouth. I met a woman who spun her dog's hair into yarn. I was fascinated.

Here I am teaching and of course running my mouth again. The couple I am talking to are mathmaticans. She knits he doesn't. He was a good sport.

Here is Sarah. She works at Chf and is a fantastic crocheter. I hope she doesn't mind me showing her photo but I wanted to show and action shot of my purple hyperbolic. All the yarn was either RHSS or Vanna's Choice.

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