Monday, May 18, 2009

Ok so things are much different in CA!

Ok so most people know that I am traveling this week. My colleague (aka my boss) and I are at the Innovative Users Group Annual Conference in Anaheim California. We flew in on Saturday and spent the weekend sight seeing and getting acclimated to the time change. Today was the first day of the conference and I am on a lunch break. Last night we were relaxing and watching tv in the room after spending all day at the Getty Center in LA. So around 8:30 we were laying around and the room started to rumble. The window starting to make crackling sounds and it felt like things were swaying on the 8th floor of the Hilton. Ok so it turns out we had an earthquake. How nutty is that? So I freaked out and was like oh did we just have an earthquake? E was totally unfazed and was like “Welcome to California”

Turns out earthquakes are not a big deal in this area. No emergency broadcasts, evacuations or anything. The lights didn’t even go out. How crazy is that?

On a knitting note I am working diligently on my Jaywalker and have turned the heel and am working on the first foot. I have to say that I am not loving sock knitting. It seems so messy and things are hanging open and looking like the sock is made for monster feet but I will trust in the instructions and the power of blocking. Plus if they suck I will give them to my sister! (Ha I know your reading this week).

Here are some snaps I took at the Mission San Juan Capistrano on Saturday. More snaps to come for sure. Check it out Mom I am a holy roller. I got a present for you and it is not a crow on a cross from the 1700s.

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  1. woah! Something to add to my list of reasons why I love Philadelphia: no earthquakes, right above: no poisonous snakes.


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