Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Check these puppies out!

So I had this great idea. I would try to knit a pair of socks during my eight hours flying to CA. I had a lay over in Houston dot dot dot. So I got out the only sock yarn in my stash. It is Lorna's Laces I was gifted during the Yoga Swap. It is in a wonderful teal color varigated with light blue and grays. I love the yarn and was hording it. I tried socks last summer and made the practice socks in Ann Budd's sock book but I hated the whole flapping heel and picking up stitches thing. I felt like it was too out of control for me. But I have been pattern stalking some awesome sock patterns on Ravelry and decided to try my hand at socks. So I did a search for the yarn and the Jaywalkers by Grumperina were suggested as an easy pattern. So I took the plunge and I made some socks. On tiny size one bamboo needles that made me feel ham handed but I did it anyway.

Here is my finished sock along with it's fledgling mate at Valley Forge on Memorial Day.

Two socks how awesome! They turned out great I had one small hole on the second sock where I picked up stitches but I did a small repair and you can't even tell.

Here is a snap I made the boss take of my first sock. I was sure I wasn't going to finish the second and I wanted proof that I made at least one sock. How weird are my feet? In yoga class they call them monkey toes. Our instructor said I had awesome toes for yoga. Sister would be so grossed out by my foot on the internet for sure!

Pattern Link (ravelry) Jaywalkers by Grumperina


  1. Nice! I like that pattern. Good color too.

  2. Well I'll be! They're beautiful--I love the blue yarn and pattern.

  3. Just surfing the net... I've got your same feet! :) Why are they called monkey feet?

    ... They look fabulous to me (both the feet and the socks)


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