Monday, July 20, 2009


This week I am on vacation. I just needed some time at home. Work has been crazy and probably will be for a while. Budget and staff cuts are hard to deal with. So I am having a mini mental health vacation. Today I worked on my knitting, watched ANTM and spent the day relaxing with J.R. Both the men were working today so it was quiet and nice.

I have been knitting like crazy, mostly because of the Ravelry WIP Wrestelmania event which is still going strong. I finished this scarf called Liesel, my Tiger's Eye scarf and a ski mask for my brother so far. I am also more than half way finished my Ditto sweater. I am up to the yoke with the body and sleeves done. Now it is very heavy and pops the needle tips off all the time. I love the color and how fast it is knitting up.

This Liesel is a great scarf. I fell in love with the pattern when I first learned how to knit but had so many problems with it as a new knitter. I put it aside and when I was trolling Ravelry I found it again. The yarn is so nice. I got it in the Earth day swap when my partner punked out and never sent my package. Moirae who was the mod sent me two skeins of her hand dyed yarn she sells on Etsy. This color way reminds me so much of Monet's Waterlillies.

Work continues on Ulysses. I am enjoying it more than I thought. I did have to go back and refresh myself on the Odyssesy but after that smooth sailing (ha ha) I am at chapter 14 which from what I read is the the most difficult chapter in the book. I plan on tackling it in small chunks. I do love the way Joyce makes up his own words as a writer I guess it kinda was his job.

I have also become obsessed with Cowichan or Salish sweaters. I want to make one so badly. I have been emailing with a woman on Ravelry who made the most beautiful Cowichan with a buffalo on the back which I am envious of. I have been trying to track down the pattern book and may have had some success. I will keep everyone posted.

Tomorrow's plan is to finish my last wip a dog bag from Andean Folk Knits, work on my sewing and maybe get some water ice. It is fun to have the day wide open.

Monet's Water Lilies

Three Fates Knitting

Liesel (rav link)

Cowichan Sweaters or this blog has some awesome photos (Nate loves The Dude)

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