Thursday, July 23, 2009

100th post

This post features the most wonderful Tiger's Eye Scarf. I knit this one in the second skein of yarn I got from Three Fates Yarn (link in the last post) The colors are so lovely pinks and purples very girly but not too girly. The pattern was fun to knit and a little scary. At one point you do a four yo to create the large holes for the eyes that is both scary and fun. I haven't blocked either one of the scarves but they look great so far. A few early christmas gifts done in advance. Things are pretty quiet here at the classy people house. I have been knitting on my Ditto and am almost finished. I have 3 1/2 inches more of the yoke and the button bands to go. I even bought buttons in advance. I guess I am avoiding my last and final WIP for the Wrestlemania event. The dog bag from Andean Folk Knits. I started the thing like seven times and cannot get the thing right. I feel like I should finish it. I put the pattern on Ravelry no one else knit it yet. If I quit it what does that say about me?

Tiger's Eye Scarf (rav link)
Ditto by Berroco - I saw Norah wearing it!

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  1. Ha ha! A dog scarf!
    Happy 100th post!

    I have quit knitting lots (tons!) of things, I have gotten 1/2 way or more and quit, because I didn't like it, because it didn't look right, whatever. Sometimes I start over and sometimes I just throw the pattern away! LOL

    I will have to look you up on Ravelry. I think my name is WBfromNY. I'll come find you.


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