Sunday, July 26, 2009

I can rock I really can.

Nate and I went to the XPN music festival on Saturday. We go every year and have a great time. This year was no exception. We saw some great bands both local and big name and ate some great festival food. Here is a small selection of what we saw in no particular order:
First we saw the Bacon Brothers. I guess Kevin and his slightly less popular brother have a band. It is mediocre bar rock so I went and got a falafel when they played but I took a snap to show the Boss I saw him.

The Hold Steady was the last band and they rocked. Does this body match the voice? They got rained out towards the end but they are awesome live. The guys behind us at the ferry were talking about how they had seen The Hold Steady for the last five nights. Apparently they drove down from Boston. Total HS fans for sure.

We went to see They Might Be Giants. Nate loves them and I can understand Birdhouse in your soul was his baby song. We sang it to him when he was cranky. When they setting up and they brought out the accordian I told him not to faint. He told me later when he picked up the accordian to play Particle Man he got really excited but did not faint. What a geek.

Ah Pete Yorn he is so dreamy with his awesome hair and singer songwriter love song writingness!

Here we are cooked in the sun. Nate says he is not a music snob he just hates bad music and feels to the need to point it out and ridicule it. Boy he is just like his dad.

Here is my favorite part of the day. This is B-O-N-G-O and his friend. I love the fact that he has his own tie dyed shirt. Nate's comment: Does the monkey have flashbacks?

Oh what about knitting? I did start a hat for a christmas gift and got the brim done I think I need Pete Yorn to come to my house and play his guitar while I knit.

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