Friday, September 04, 2009

Now an even classier Classy People House

So today is my birthday. Nate being a great son and a computer whiz has made me a new banner for my blog. This one features the offical Classy People model J.R. and is my favorite color green. If you are a cph fan and read it in a reader bust out and check out the banner. Of course adding a banner has led to an overall desire to spruce the joint up so I did some tweaking on the colors and side bar background. Thanks Nate. I hope you don't think your act of being a good son will spare you the humilation of modeling hats ands scarves for me. I am just glad I raised you to be comfortable with yourself because I have a whole slew of ladies hats that need modeling!

Speaking of hats....
Here are a few more hats done in the never ending wool ease gray left over from mom's Tree of Life Aran. I swear that I only had four skeins left over but it seems to go on forever. I did two pairs of mittens and at this time four hats from it and still have one skein left!

The first hat is the Sneaky Snakes slouchy beret I did for Becky. I made the cabled beret for her mom. I think it is fun to make matching hats but a mom and teen age daughter don't always (ok never) like the same thing. The Sneaky Snakes is nice and floppy and looks good perched on the top of the head. The cabled beret is more classic and grown up. I think my aunt will appreciate the tradtional irish cables and the neutral color. A perfect set for a rock on girl and her exasperated mom!

I also did the Valentine's cable hat for my cousin's step daughters. Both have long straight hair which looks good in a beanie style hat. I love the cabling on this one it, is girly without being in your face.

In other news I am still reading Catch-22 by Joseph Heller and listening to The Wings of the Dove by Henry James. Oh boy what a snooze fest! I have friend who studied victorian literature in college and even he things James is boring! I nodded off on the bus with my knitting in hand listening to this drone.
That crazy guy at the beginning of the post is an acorn squirrel with a moustache that Jazzy I made during her sleepover. It is supposed to be Nate if he was a squirrel. I can totally see it.
Cabled Beret (rav link) free from Caron
Valentine Cabled Hat (rav link) from the new Knitscene
Sneaky Snakes (rav link)

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  1. Hey, Happy belated Birthday!!!

    Love the hats, especially the beret with the cables. Nice job!

    I have to ask - Why are you reading such boring books?


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