Sunday, September 13, 2009

Suprise another hat!

 This is the Opus Spicatum beret by Kelbourne Woolens.  I love that the designer is local and the hat is super cute. I did their Give A Hoot Mittens a few months ago.  I only wish I could afford the recommended yarn.  I made this hat for Jackie who rides her bike to work in the winter and needs a warm yet bright hat so that the dilberts driving and half paying attention see her on the road.  I love the way the pattern works up.  It is very fast, easy to memorize and makes for a dense yet pliable fabric.  I am working on a second one is light blue and white.  I highly recommend this pattern.   I of course used RHSS for two reasons.  One I am classy like that and two machine wash and dry!

Onward!  I am still working my way through the modern library list.  Wendy you are so right some of the books are boring.  Life is too short to read boring books.  I am enjoying Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler and am getting more interested in The Wings of the Dove.   I am pattern shopping for a waistcoat pattern.  Mom is heading to Ireland in the fall and is going to bring me back some wool.  Oh boy I can't wait.  I want something very classic or traditional so I am drooling over all my aran pattern books I collected when I first started to knit.  I think I am ready to dive into those again. 

Oh and Kitty who was called Marley but is now called Kitty loves to assist in blocking of hats, especially the all wool ones.  Next time I promise no hats.  I am starting a crochet project for a friend at work!

Opus Spicatum (rav link)
Kelbourne Woolens (check out the other patterns, I love the vest)

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  1. Ha ha ha, I do try to make it a habit not to read boring books. Lots of luck to you!

    Awww, I love Marley, AKA Kitty! He is so cute! My kitty, Martina loves to help me knit.


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