Sunday, November 01, 2009

An Eeyore kind of knitting week

What a weird knitting week. I seemed to have been struck with a weird knitting malaise. After knitting over twenty Christmas gifts I was unable to knit anything of quality for the last week. I finished the leg warmers. On Sunday afternoon I realized that I didn’t have anything to knit and for the first time in a long time I didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to knit. So I half heartedly started the Apple pear pattern to knit an apple cozy for a gift. The cotton yarn I had was either too thin or too fat and the thing turned out awful. I then decided to take the thinner yarn a bright pink mercerized cotton finger weight yarn and turn it into a neckerchief which turned out horrible I made a mistake in the yarn overs and I lost heart in it when I realized I didn’t have enough yarn. I had this passing idea of using two colors and I decided that I wouldn’t like that idea so it was abandoned. I really need to clean out my knitting bag, get rid of the leftover balls and put away my needles and recharge myself with a fresh new clean bag of knitting!

This fall has gotten to me. I feel like all I do is work and do chores. I am so tired of driving around, doing housework and finishing up things. I haven’t been knitting much and can only eek out a half hour or so a couple times a week for sewing. This afternoon I spent 8 hours doing stuff around the house I sat down to sew and for some reason my machine ate my needle. I got so frustrated that I just abandoned it. Things look like they may be picking up though. I feel in love with the ribit pattern and want to make some frogs for a co-worker’s children for Christmas. I also scored some sweet Irish yarn this week. Mom went to Ireland with her sisters and brought me back yarn! I got 20 balls of a mohair blend for two shawls and 400 grams of very raw, sheepy smelling wonderful Aran yarn. I have been smelling it all day and dreaming about what to make. More on that later….

The problem with legwarmers is that they really need to be modeled. I have decided to spare you Nate’s hairy man legs in the legwarmers you will thank me for it. They turned out well and I am sure she will love them. I promise to be in a better mood next week and have some knitting to talk about.

On the reading front I finished The Golden Bowl this week. I started The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad. This is a nice change from the recent subject matter. No love affairs in this one! I am almost finished The Good Solider, I have about 20 pages left and hope to crank it out after dinner. The boss man is working late.

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  1. I looked at the pictures before I read it and you are right! They really do have to modeled. I didn't know what they were! I was thinking - fingerless mitts???? Then I read - Ahhh leg warmers! Hahaha actually it would be funny to see Nate modeling them! My daughter loves leg warmers, here's a pattern I would love to try -

    I think they are gorgeous!

  2. I love that pattern I have it my queue for my niece.

  3. If I try them before Christmas I will let you know.


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