Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boy I think I should do bullet points for this post. I don’t know where the time went this month!

First Knitting:
For the holiday knitting I finished the reversible cabled scarf last week. I know I mentioned that it felt smooshed because of the reversible nature of the cables. I don’t know if I would use the pattern again. It does look nice but it has very little knitting fun in it.

I also finished a present for my older brother. Since I started knitting I have been making him hats. He really appreciates the hats and has a weird sense of humor so I can make crazy hats like the watermelon and the candy corn hats. This year I made him a Voyageur or Liberty Hat. It is the hat that the French Canadian fur trappers wore in the 1700 and 1800’s, I made it in a bright red with gray accents. I know he will love it. He is a history buff and fan of weird hats. The man wears a captain hat when he takes the kids out so this is right up his alley. Made splendid in RHSS!

I started a pair of legwarmers for my co-worker. I guess if I was 25 stick thin and fashion forward I would want some legwarmers too. I remember the 80’s so I think for myself I would pass. It is sad when the fashion of your teen years is now retro!

Speaking of RHSS we have resuscitated Team Redheart for the Ravelympics 2010. I am going to co-captain the team this year. So if you are a fan of Red Heart yarns, on Ravelry and want to join us keep an eye out for more info as the Olympics draw near.

College Shopping:
We are continuing to look for colleges for Nate. We have been to Elizabethtown, Haverford and Franklin and Marshall. He likes Haverford College the best so far. I am secretly thrilled but remain objective. We have seven more to go until the tours end along with two college fairs. If the boy can’t find a college by then I don’t know what to do!

Not Knitting:
I have been sewing. I created a little sewing area in the bedroom where I set up my machine and my supplies. I have been working on Velcro snack packs and knitting pouches. I got a huge stack of cast offs from my sister. Her new diet has been a boon to my Morsbag sewing. I plan to do about ten more before Christmas. I have this crazy idea of making bags for everyone instead of using wrapping paper but we shall see!

Quickly: I am reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers, (love it) listening to The Golden Bowl by Henry James (what is with this guy and affairs?) and slowly working through The Good Solider by Ford Madox Ford at lunch times only (obviously influenced by James and his affair storylines!)

This is Nate wearing my brother's hat.  Tell me doesn't he look like a man?  I remember when he wore spider man pj's to bed.  Oh wait he still does.  I bought him new pajama pants and he wanted Super Mario and the Justice League!

Cabled scarf pattern (rav link, Lionbrand link)

Voyaguer hat pattern (rav link)

Legwarmers (rav link)

Repot depot snack bags

Ravelympics 2010 - Coming soon!


  1. Oh I like that hat! I like the colors too with just a touch of, what is that? dark gray? I can see where it would be boring but it turned out really nice!

    I am going to start that beret with the cables today! Excited!

  2. eeewww, I'm sorry but I just clicked on the link for the hat... and I like yours MUCH better! I would have never like that hat just looking at the ravalery pattern.

  3. I love the hat, but not sure the color is right for Nate. Cute though.

  4. Nancy, I agree the color is not right for him. Poor Nate is my go to stand in model, the hat was actually for my brother's birthday.


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