Friday, December 04, 2009

I crack the codes, you end the war.

I work in Philadelphia and I commute to work on the bus and then the el.  The el is the elevated train.  I guess it is like a subway but up high not underground.  I does go underground but that is not relevant for this bon mot.  So anyway when you get off the el at the end of  the line Bridge and Pratt in the northeast you go down these steep steps or an escalator.  Kinda like Washington D.C. but not as steep.  I remember one time I guess it was last spring I was walking down the steps behind this guy who had a on a full matching track outfit made of blue and white nylon and a white fanny pack in the front.  It was the kind with the snaps down the legs which I thought was weird.  So anyway when we get to the bottom and we go to thru the turnstill he stops and rips off his pants.  Under the pants he has these short nylon jogging pants and then he starts running out of the terminal and jogging home with his pants stuffed in his fanny pack.  About ten minutes later I am looking out the window on my bus and I see him jogging by.  I guess it doesn't really relate to anything but it makes me like Philly a little more.

Things are slowly returning to normal here at the classy people house.  Some knitting, some sewing.  Lots of reading and general malaise.  The boss has a head cold and the kid is getting ready to crack down and get those college essays done.  I am standing by the door wringing my hands! 

I finished both The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton and Zuleika Dobson by Max Beerbohm since I last posted.  I am still working on An American Tragedy and have started The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton both of which are very good.  I wanted to especially point out that the audio book version of The Age of Innocence on Lirivox is read by Brenda Dayne host of the awesome podcast Cast on.  If you haven't heard her podcast go now!

I am planning my 2010 knitting.  I have two great projects lined up to start I even have the yarn.  They are Matthew Shepard's Seaman scarf for the bus and Valkeryie vest for home.  Links below.  Here are are some photos of one of the frogs I finished for my co-worker's kids. They are super cute and have tennis ball bellys.

Ribbit by Susan B. Anderson (rav link) Spud & Chloe blog
 Matthew Shepard Seaman's Scarf by Myrna A.I. Stahman (rav link)
Valkyrie Vest by Lisa Shroyer  (rav link)
Andrew Bird - wow I love him! talk about a man who looks good in knitwear the title of the post is from his song not a robot, but a ghost.

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  1. Hi Andrea - love your blog - you are a talented knitter! While I have no knitting skills, I found you while doing research on knitting blogs for a friend. She put together a pretty cool 'knitting is sexy' calendar in part to help raise money for her nonprofit org that helps empower impoverished Ethiopians. Check it out...could be a fun holiday gift, and it's for a good cause!


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