Sunday, January 03, 2010

Stitch Nation - A Hot New Yarn!

When I picked up knitting again in 2005 my friend and co-worker Jackie had copies of Stitch ‘N Bitch and Stitch ‘N Bitch Nation. When I first learned how to knit in the late 80’s I was in high school and the patterns I had exposure to were either the free ones you got when you bought yarn from the major yarn companies or my mom’s craft books from the 70’s. They really didn’t appeal to me and I never went beyond making scarves.

I am sure that so many people can say that Debbie Stoller got them interested and excited about knitting. I know that it got me eager to get back to knitting. We poured over those books at lunch time and I read them through including the patterns. Recently I was asked by the Coats & Clark Company if I wanted to receive a press kit about a new yarn line they were creating for early January. All they told me was that it was developed in part with a “famous designer”, was going to be all natural and they would send me some samples. I said yes of course.

Imagine my surprise when I got my package in the mail and opened it up and saw a white box with a giant cowgirl swinging around a ball of red yarn. OMG the new yarn is called Stitch Nation and was developed by Debbie Stoller! So in my press kit (my first press kit) was the following:

3 skeins of yarn from the new line (one wool, one bamboo, and one alpaca)
3 paint sticks with samples of all the colors available
1 cd with promo pics of the pattern and yarn
1 press hand out with all the details about the lines
2 patterns both crochet and knit
1 a brochure with all the colors, yarns and photos of the pattern projects
1 post card with a “letter” from Debbie Stoller who wants to give me free yarn.

I have been petting the yarn for a week, looking at the colors in all kinds of lights and thinking about what to do with my samples. I was so enthralled by the press kit I didn’t try the yarn out yet but I will. So here is a sneak peek of the kit and the yarn the next Stitch Nation post will be about the yarn.  I promise, until then enjoy some exciting photos of the press kit!


  1. its really very beautiful accessories thanks for sharing this with us.. i also love yarn..

  2. Wow!!!!! Nice, really nice! Lucky you!

  3. Color me jealous. I want one of them there press kits...:D

  4. Wow! I can't believe Stitch Nation now has a line of yarn out. I just recently got into knitting (now I just can't stop) and a friend of mine gave me 2 of her books for Christmas and I just love them. I can't wait until the yarn is available to buy! Keep us updated!

  5. Ok about the leg warmers. They turned out nice and my daughter loves them, but... they are a pain in the neck to make and I did not enjoy them. I literally wanted wanted to quit after the first one.
    I told her It is a darn good thing she likes them!

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