Sunday, October 08, 2006

Massive meltdown and stash busting

Ok I may have been too optimistic. Grad school is hard, it kicks my ass every day. All I do is homework, homework, homework. I got into a group project with some super lame group members who at the last minute decide that we need to add a letter to our post on an ethics case study. None of them offered to write the letter or even suggested how to get it done. I was chosen as the poster and I spent three hours including my lunch hour working on the post and then this annoying woman who did not even contribute until two days before the post was due and decided to get this edit my post as her contribution. She felt it was ok since she was a journalist and it is what she does! All of this happens one hour before the post is due. Oh I am crazed. I got pissy, yelled and screamed I quit ,I threw my books in the trashcan and stomped around. Later when Charlie was in the bathroom I slunk back into the kitchen and fished them out. Turns out I missed the drop date and will have to pay my loan back if I quit so I might as well stay. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Kayyyyyyyyy rant is over. Some knit and crochet posts below.

Ball busting

Ok so it is not a fun as it sounds! This is my big old pretzel jar of loose balls and leftover yarn. In an effort to clean out the closet and get organized I decided that I will knit or crochet up the little balls into small projects. I am trying to get organized and get rid of the clutter. So baby steps. Here are the first bunch of objects some good some bad.

Stash buster number 1

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Jewel toned variegated red heart. This is the yarn that I practiced on when I was learning how to knit. This little ball turned into a crocheted drawstring purse, a crooked coaster that ended up blanket for Jasmine’s babies and a sad tassel doll.

When I was a little girl my mom taught me how to make these dolls. I loved them and thought they were fun. Jazzy thinks they are creepy and left the doll on the porch, a sure sign of dislike.

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  1. That yarn from RH is one of my most favorite color blends. I made a poncho out of it blended with a blue chennile that I reclaimed from a thrift store sweater. I wish I could find more of that one. Moving on.....


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