Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sister Scarves

I mean really isn’t my sister and I worth at least two dollars? I got some great Moda Dea Vixen yarn at Michaels in the clearance bin. I got two skeins of Licorice and The Fuchsia. I did a simple 16 stitch garter scarf of the black for myself and the fuchsia for my sister. Here is my scarf it measures well it is long.

I also ordered some great Aran and Gansey knit books. I am hoping to find some neat cable combos to use the Aran yarn mom brought back from Ireland. I am totally in love with Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan! I have been carrying that book around for days. I know that have a KAL so as soon as I am done this quarter I need to make something from the book. I cast on for the front of the purple aran vest. I got 11 inches done this week and am hoping to finish the left panel today. I decided to invest in some snazzy celtic pewter buttons for the front. I am loving these celtic horses but may change at some point. I have to say this. My interest in these buttons has revived an interest of Charlies to dress up and go to the Renaissance Faire. Oh God! Dude I really don't think so. Sometimes one has to have a hobby alone, this one is for you my friend.

On a side note check out this contest. You take a classic book and design a knit for it. How fun is that?

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  1. Your Blog is amazing!
    I love your work!
    Iam new to knitting.
    I have just taught myself how to knit by starting off with a scarf.
    All is going ok at the moment.


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