Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Heart Zombies (or at least N8 does)

A few weeks ago I was shamed by my bossy yet beloved sister by the fact that I had never made anything for my own son. Last Christmas I made purses, scarves and crocheted flower broaches for all the ladies but nothing for the boys. I decided that I would make him a scarf but wanted something that reflects his weird sense of humor. I thought ninjas, Nintendo and finally I found this at the AntiCraft.

This was my first intarsia project. Despite the highly handmade look of the thing, the super thickness of the worsted weight yarn and the super weird construction he really likes it. This project generated much interest on the bus. The Goth girls on the way to the mall said it was cool and one random construction worker said his mom never made him a scarf like that. When someone said it looked really Tim Burtonish I knew my N8 would dig it.

Beginners tip: Worsted weight makes a really thick piece of knitted intarsia.

Enjoy in all it’s glory the I Heart Zombies Scarf.

This is before I added the "arms" I picked up stitches around the tube of intarsia and knit the arms. Weird but effective.

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